Serengeti Balloon Safari

Do You Know About Serengeti Balloon Safaris & Prices?:

One of the best game-viewing experiences of the Serengeti plains! ⁣
Go on an incredible African safari with a bird’s-eye view of the Serengeti. Experience an adventure of a lifetime as you travel through the Serengeti plains on a hot air balloon. A sunrise hot air balloon flight over the Serengeti is truly one of the best highlights for any safari trip and is considered the ultimate safari experience. Serengeti Balloon Safaris not only takes you on an unforgettable hot air balloon ride through Serengeti National Park, but is one of the best ways to view African wildlife freely.
See prides of lions looking for breakfast, herds of wildebeest, pods of hippos heading back to water before the sun rises, and much more! Enjoy an aerial view and get up close to the action that you would not be able to see from your game-viewing safari vehicle. Nobody can predict, no two flights are ever the same and your balloon safari will be unique.

Early morning wake-up

”Some things are worth getting up early for and this is definitely one of them. Wake-up early morning and get ready for your once in a lifetime balloon safari experience. In the cool early morning, is best to wear a light jacket, long pants and comfortable shoes. Also remember to take your binoculars and cameras to document your memorable adventure. Before pickup, enjoy some coffee or tea in the lobby before your night drive to the balloon site.

4:15 to 5:00 am- Pickup at your lodge or camp

Pickup time will depend on the camp or lodge you are staying at. Here you will be picked for your night drive to the balloon staging site.!

5:00 to 6:15 am- Drive to the launch site

Enjoy a night game drive through the Serengeti as you are transferred from your lodge/camp to the balloon staging site. This roughly hour long drive is an experience in itself as you may see nocturnal animals in the headlights that you would not have encounter during the daytime.

6:10 to 6:45 am- Prepare for flight

Your skilled, licensed and experienced pilot will take you through the important safety briefing ahead of your flight as the sun begins to rise and the launch crew begins to inflate the balloon. The balloon and basket are huge and compartmentalized for comfort and safety (accommodating 16 passengers). Once ready, crew members hold the basket steady as you climb into the basket and prepare to lift off.

6:45 to 8:15 am- African safari from the sky

Every hot air balloon flight is a unique experience and is dictated by the direction of the wind and the weather. This makes the end point unknown, but this is all part of the adventure. The flight is very smooth and you feel like you are just gliding through the air since the balloon is traveling at wind speed. Discover a unique perspective and amazing photographic opportunities.
Throughout the flight, your balloon may travel to high altitudes of at least 1000 feet, giving you a panoramic view of the Serengeti landscape for miles ahead.
At other times, you may descend low enough that you just gently brush the tips of the grass and witness the African wildlife up close. The variety and number of wildlife you may see varies with the time of year, weather conditions and luck. But without a doubt every flight is sure to be a memorable experience. Depending on the year, witness the greatest show on earth with a bird’s-eye view of the wildebeest migration. Travel to areas where vehicles cannot go. Hot air balloon ride provides the best opportunity to go “off-roading”. Explore outside the road trails to secluded areas or float over rivers. After about an hour or so of gliding through the Serengeti plains, the basket will begin to touch down on land.

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What should I wear? What should I pack?

It can be cool in the early morning, but often warm later, therefore a jacket or sweater that can be removed later is a good idea. A hat is recommended (particularly for the ‘follically challenged) as radiant heat from the burners can be uncomfortable.

When is the best time to go for a balloon safari in Tanzania?

When is the best time of year in Tanzania for ballooning in Serengeti National Park? The weather in the Serengeti is suitable for ballooning almost every day of the year, however, the dry season, from June to October, is the best time to go for a hot air balloon safari in Serengeti national park. In the dry season, the sky is mostly clear, the wind gentle and game viewing at its best.
During the rainy months from late March to early June & the ‘short rains’ (November to mid-December), balloon safaris are still offered in Serengeti; however, the actual flight will depend on the weather condition on the flight day. A typical day on a Tanzania safari can now include an early morning balloon flight and a different perspective on the Serengeti!


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